Mailing Address:
Joseph Chee Chang
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue, SCS, LTI
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
#2504 Newall Simon Hall
Carnegie Mellon University

recent activities

May 8, 2017.SIGCHI presentation in Denver, Colorado.
October 30, 2016.HCOMP invited paper in Austin, Texas.
October 16, 2016.UIST presentation in Tokyo, Japan.
May 16, 2016.Microsoft Research Internship in Seattle, Washington.
May 7, 2016.SIGCHI presentation in San Jose, California.
March 13 2016.CHIIR SV in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.


- Here’s a list of selected fun projects I did (mostly) before grad school.
- I like taking pictures. You can find some of them on my 500px page.

curriculum vitae

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